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Εκπαιδευτικά Προγράμματα


  • This is a hands-on class where students will design and build machines, catapults, pyramids, derby cards, buildings and other constructions out of LEGO® bricks. While exploring engineering, architecture and physics, students will develop problem solving and critical thinking skills.

  • Participants build a new project each month. Architectural concepts are taught while assembling buildings, bridges and other structures.

  • Once the project is completed, children use the rest of their time to expand their gadgets and collaborate with one another


  • Students will work in a lab-type setting using LEGO® bricks with an integrated curriculum based on math and science.

  • Instructional content includes concepts of friction, gravity and torque, scale, gears, axles and beams.

  • Part of the curriculum will include the construction of a scaled model of their elementary school.

  • The material covered each session will vary depending on students’ ages, experience, and skill level.

  • All material will be provided.


  • For children to play and socialize with friends while learning fundamentals of engineering and architecture in a noncompetitive setting.

  • To build problem-solving skills, provide an opportunity for creative expression and foster an appreciation of how things work.

  • To help students understand that Architecture and Engineering are viable career choices.


  • Kids already know how to build with LEGO® bricks, but with a little coaching they can learn engineering, architecture and concepts of physics and mathematics using the plastic components.

  • Students will develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

  • When lessons are related to something students enjoy, such as building with LEGO® Bricks, students are motivated and retain more of what they learn.

  • Working with a partner fosters teamwork and cooperation.



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